Latest Update

So much has happened that I have never had time to update my blog.

My bike and all belongings were stolen in Burlington, Ontario and the Police never recovered them but fortunately my friends and music fans around the world came through and raised enough money to get me back on the road.

I am now in Northern Ontario headed to Manitoba and will try to update the blog as I go along.

I post daily updates in photographs on my @JaBig Instagram account so please head there for more until this blog is up to date. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Latest Update”

  1. Much love from the 505! You are the best DJ, listening to some deep and dope right now.

    Glad to see that you are back on the road!

  2. You are by far the best BJ in the world and you are my go-to whenever I am hanging with someone or at a function I want to thank you for being awesome and I’m glad we can get you back on the road shame on you Burlington Ontario your representatives have not represented you in a good fashion hope to see you in Calgary

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