Week 11 Update

Week 11 in Halifax was pretty relaxed as I was preparing for the next month that would be filled with many rides and the unknown.

On Tuesday, I performed a live DJ gig at Long & McQuade in Halifax, a set that was streamed to over 5000 people on Facebook and eventually made it on YouTube too where it’s at 20 000 views as of this writing and counting.

It was also very nice to connect with some local fans from Halifax who came by to say hello. I did not advertise the event heavily since it was a last minute endeavour but I am glad at how it went.

The rest of the week was really all about socialising and getting ready for Newfoundland, Canada’s most easterly province which is coming up in week 12.

Here are some photos that illustrate what was week 11 on The Big Journey



I also managed to catch a cold which was odd but it’s better that it got to me when I was not in transit. So I just sat around and waited for it to pass.


Did I mention that I am staying with a family that is into cycling? Such hosts are the best because they understand to a certain extent what I am going through and they also tend to have tools that they allow me to use to do some basic maintenance on my bicycle, something that I am really grateful about!


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