TV Interview about JaBig’s Fixed Gear Bicycle Journey Across Canada

Here is an interview with Louise Uwacu, host of U&I Talkshow on Shaw TV Vancouver.

I spokeĀ about my fixed gear journey across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

As I get ready to cycle from the Pacific coast to the Arctic, this TV segment will tell you more about what it takes to spend on year on the road especially in Winter.

2 thoughts on “TV Interview about JaBig’s Fixed Gear Bicycle Journey Across Canada”

  1. It would be nice to hear some specifics, e.g. where are you sleeping during the journey, what luggage have you taken with you, …?
    Good luck with the last part of your journey!

  2. this guy is difficult to get a hold of. Hey Ja big, we have been huge fans for a while. Was hoping to get you at my restaurant in Germany for years now. please contact me, whenever you get a chance. I left a message a while back also. Same guy. Send a shout out.

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