Ô Canada! I Have Made It!

My name is JaBig and 1 year, 2 months and 21 days ago, I decided to take a minute to ponder about life and get some fresh air and hopped onto my fixed gear bicycle and started pedalling.

17 763km later, I have cycled Canada coast to coast to coast exploring and experiencing this vast North American country and getting to meet thousands of Canadians which was the highlight of the whole trip of a lifetime.

This ride from Montréal to the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and finally to Tuktoyatuk on the Arctic Ocean is eligible for a Guinness World Record for the longest journey by bicycle in a single country as soon as it’s validated.

I would like to thank my family, my friends, my fans, the companies that supported me and the random act of kindness-type people that made this trip possible. I did all the pedalling (and falling) but you took care of the rest (logistics, mental support, finances, etc!).

For more: Montreal DJ ends epic 15-month-long bike tour in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. – CBC News

5 thoughts on “Ô Canada! I Have Made It!”

  1. Congrats brother.

    This is been one amazing journey. Watching your every step and passing has been amazing as if i myself was on the journey with you thru your own eyes and your picture captures. Every update was exciting.

    we finally made it.

    Congrats once again. This is epic.

  2. JaBig,
    Congrats on your achievement. Your creativity and persistence are an inspiration to all. I am delighted to be able to follow your progress. Mark, Florida, USA

  3. amazing … i cycle with your music (in one ear) …
    inspiring…. a fit” DJ
    adventure…. this is what i ultimately see cycling to be …..

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