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Week 4 Update

The fourth week, a month on the road, started off in Edmundston after a 160 km ride from Rivière-du-Loup and it was full of adventures as I wrote previously. This week, I spent it in Edmundston as I could not find good weather to keep going and I also decided to ditch my car and [...]

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Week 3 Update

My last update ended on a sad note as I had to cancel one ride due to terrible weather that made road conditions very dangerous. Week 3 was spent mostly indoors as I waited for the situation to improve as there was a combination of freezing rain, heavy snow, high winds, and very low temperatures [...]


Week 2 Update

The plan with week two was very simple. Ride from Québec City towards Halifax or Moncton. But first, I had to ride a 200 km journey to Rivière-du-Loup, because the overall segment is pretty long and I will do it in two weeks. The days before Monday February 8th, there were some pretty strong weather [...]

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Week 1 Update

Week 1 started on January 31st 2016 when I started of The Big Journey in Montréal with my two witness as per Guinness World Records requirements. Meet Andrew Kelly and Maria Sanz, the only people that were present at the beginning and the last Montrealers that I will see in a long while. My first [...]


Hello world!

This is how I dress for extreme cold weather. I am talking about down to -20C (-4F). Just one base layer, one mid-layer (a jersey) and a hardshell jacket. With just this, I can cycle all of Canada. When it gets below the above temperatures, I just add an other layer between the base layer [...]