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Ô Canada! I Have Made It!

My name is JaBig and 1 year, 2 months and 21 days ago, I decided to take a minute to ponder about life and get some fresh air and hopped onto my fixed gear bicycle and started pedalling. 17 763km later, I have cycled Canada coast to coast to coast exploring and experiencing this vast [...]



I am currently on my way to the Arctic Ocean on a fixed gear bicycle, a 4000-km journey from Vancouver in extreme Canadian Winter. To travel faster and farther on a daily basis, I am travelling light and so I won’t have my laptop to update this travel blog. This is also to protect the [...]

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Here is an interview with Louise Uwacu, host of U&I Talkshow on Shaw TV Vancouver. I spoke about my fixed gear journey across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. As I get ready to cycle from the Pacific coast to the Arctic, this TV segment will tell you more about what it takes to [...]


What’s Next?

As you read in the previously post, after over 10 months on the road, I have cycled from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Oceean, a 13 500 km fixed gear bicycle ride. The Big Journey is a personal challenge and a Guinness World Records attempt to cycle all three Canadian coasts in fixed gear [...]

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Vancouver, At Long Last!

Exactly 10 months since I left Montréal to cycle across Canada, I have made it to Vancouver, British Columbia, the country’s West Coast where the Pacific Ocean is located. It’s been a long and eventful 13 500 km journey and it surely did change my life for the best. I am so grateful for all [...]


Week 17 to Week 34

17 weeks have gone by without an update just mainly because a lot happened in the meanwhile and I could not keep up with updates. But I managed to survive Eastern Québec’s Gaspésie with its mountains (not hills!) giving me a first taste of fixed gear climbing.   I got to experience The Laurentides, a Québec [...]


Latest Update

So much has happened that I have never had time to update my blog. My bike and all belongings were stolen in Burlington, Ontario and the Police never recovered them but fortunately my friends and music fans around the world came through and raised enough money to get me back on the road. I am [...]


Week 17 Update

After a month in Newfoundland, Eastern Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Week 17 warranted a well-deserved rest from cycling and social media. So when I arrived in Moncton, I disconnected from everything and spent all week sleeping, watching television and basically staying away from any bicycle and travel related activities because sometimes one has [...]


Week 16 Update

Week 16 was all about Prince Edward Island. According to Wikipedia: “Prince Edward Island (PEI or P.E.I.; French: Île-du-Prince-Édouard) is a province of Canada consisting of the island of the same name, as well as several much smaller islands.” It all started in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on Monday, May 23rd. I cycled to Caribou to catch [...]


Week 15 Update

After two weeks of adventures in Newfoundland (Week 13, Week 14), I was back in mainland Canada in Cape Breton. That meant that it was part II of The Big Journey, a bicycle trip that will take me from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. This will be the longest leg of the Guinness World [...]