About The Big Journey

My name is JaBig and since January 2016, I am on a big journey to set a Guinness World Record for crossing Canada by fixed gear bicycle on a self-supported DJ tour.

#JaBigJourney is a year-long, 15 000 km, coast-to-coast-to coast, fixed-gear expedition of a lifetime. 

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean, this is the bicycle ride of a lifetime. I am exploring and experiencing the vast territory that is my country, and along the way perform for my many fans.

I’m particularly look forward to meeting Canadians outside the big cities, in more remote communities.

So far, The Big Journey has been filled with a lot of adventures, many new friends and a lifetime supply of unforgivable stories.

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– To get in touch please email me at jabig@jabig.com.

About JaBig


If you like my music and mixes then you are one of my millions of fans in EVERY single country on the planet. Together, you have contributed to over 5 billion streamed minutes of my DEEP & DOPE DJ mixes on YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Facebook, and countless other social media and music websites.

You also know from my YouTube cover photographs and Facebook/Instagram posts that, besides being an international DJ, I am an avid cyclist. What that means is that when I’m not behind the turntables, I can be found on a bicycle, riding long distances. This season alone, I have already cycled 6000 km!


This past summer while on a long ride (of course!), I thought of combining my love of music with two of my other passions, travel and cycling. I came up with #BeatsByBikes, a DJ tour by bicycle. I spent the rest of the warm and sunny months training for this cross-Canada winter expedition.

If this is the first time you hear of me, I am a lucky person who got to make his living playing and performing music live and via YouTube to millions of people worldwide. My style of music is called House Music although my DJ mixes have featured more than 51 genres!

Listen to my music on YouTube and follow my cross-Canada adventurers on Instagram.

The Route

My bicycle ride across Canada is a 15 000 km (9 300 miles) big journey coast to coast to coast.

The map shows that the trip starts from Montréal, my hometown and heads East towards the Atlantic Ocean via Québec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and catch a ferry to the Newfoundland part of Newfoundland and Labrador.

My focus is on the journey and not on the timeline. That is to say that I am not on a race to get it done in the fastest time but I really want to take my time and explore and experience Canada.

Oh yes, all this on a fixed gear bicycle …

Follow my Strava feed more ride updates.


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