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Week 17 Update


After a month in Newfoundland, Eastern Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Week 17 warranted a well-deserved rest from cycling and social media. So when I arrived in Moncton, I disconnected from everything and spent all week sleeping, watching television and basically staying away from any bicycle and travel related activities because sometimes one has [...]


Week 16 Update


Week 16 was all about Prince Edward Island. According to Wikipedia: "Prince Edward Island (PEI or P.E.I.; French: Île-du-Prince-Édouard) is a province of Canada consisting of the island of the same name, as well as several much smaller islands." It all started in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on Monday, May 23rd. I cycled to Caribou to catch [...]

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Week 15 Update


After two weeks of adventures in Newfoundland (Week 13, Week 14), I was back in mainland Canada in Cape Breton. That meant that it was part II of The Big Journey, a bicycle trip that will take me from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. This will be the longest leg of the Guinness World [...]


Week 14 Update


Last week was the longest and toughest seven days of my coast to coast to coast bicycle journey across Canada as you have probably read and to be honest, I wish that it stays so and that I only have better days ahead. Week 14 was pretty relaxed compared to the previous one. On Monday, [...]


Week 13 Update


As, I wrote in the last post, Week 12 was a very fast ride from Halifax to Sydney where I would catch the ferry to Newfoundland, the island-province far in the Atlantic and Canada's most easterly coast. Week 13 started off with a little bit of sightseeing around 20km from Sydney as a new friend took me [...]


Week 12 Update


This week was no joke as it was all about cycling and cycling and cycling. My mission was to ride from Halifax to North Sydney where I'd catch the ferry to Newfoundland. To do so, I had to cycle 500 km in less than a week. I was fortunate to have good hosts in Halifax [...]


Week 11 Update


Week 11 in Halifax was pretty relaxed as I was preparing for the next month that would be filled with many rides and the unknown. On Tuesday, I performed a live DJ gig at Long & McQuade in Halifax, a set that was streamed to over 5000 people on Facebook and eventually made it on YouTube [...]


Week 10 Update


Week 10 started off quietly with lots of socialising and little cycling because after all The Big Journey is also about connecting with Canadians across Canada. On Tuesday, my host invited to his union meeting as he also wanted to introduce me to someone higher up who has a vast network in Nova Scotia and [...]


Week 9 Update


Week 9 started in Nova Scotia, my third province on this road trop. The ride started at the ferry station. The ferry runs from Saint John in New Brunswick to Digby in Nova Scotia. Digby is a small coastal town that I was able to cross in less than three minutes. On my way out [...]


Week 8 Update


Week 8 was pretty relaxed as it led to Easter weekend and that week also had a lot of snowstorms so I just relaxed in Saint John and enjoyed some sightseeing. This week was pretty eventful but was full of private happenings with people who like to stay private so to respect their privacy, I [...]